مهرجان مالمو الدولي

Participation in the competition

The competition is concerned with registering and supporting the owners of singing voices or playing an oriental instrument, who wish to continue, develop and achieve fame through communication with the world.

Anyone, regardless of their nationality or age, has the right to apply for the competition, and to fill out the attached application for participation, and only what is clearly stated in the terms and form of the application for participation in the competition is required in this regard.
The submission begins three or four months before the date of holding the festival days in Malmö, Kingdom of Sweden.
No application will be accepted unless the fields are filled in according to the table and the required attachments are sent.
Once the application has been received and the contestants’ registration is accepted, they will be notified in person via e-mail.

Stages of evaluating the contestants:

  • A day of familiarization and reception: A day before the festival begins, a tour and photography of the arrival of the committees, artists and contestants, their places of residence, and their visits to the tourist and artistic places and the municipality building in Malmö.
The first stage:
  • After filling out the subscription application, fulfilling the conditions and sending an audio and video recording, the quality of photography is not required, but can be done via a cell phone. The initial nomination is evaluated and accepted after the evaluation committee has nominated the accepted contestants, and a notification is sent to the applicant via e-mail.
The second stage:
  • According to the decision of the Preliminary Evaluation Committee, the eligible candidates will be counted and all candidates for the qualifying stage will be notified of their promotion to the semi-final stage.
  • The contestant records again a video showing his talent, whether playing an oriental instrument or singing with his voice or both.
  • At the end of this stage, 45 finalists will be selected.
  • The 45 candidates are voted for via SMS
  • Voting percentages are announced in the media chosen by the festival management
  • Everyone who is nominated and has reached the end of the stage, i.e. the 45 candidates, will receive certificates documented by the festival administration, and their names and videos recorded by them will be equally broadcast in the various media determined by the festival, during a period that ends with the announcement of the 9 finalists.
The third stage:
    • Based on the voting percentage, and the decision of the examination and evaluation committee, 9 candidates are selected for the final competition in a transparent and impartial manner.
    • Videos of the finalists will be recorded and introduced throughout the remaining period of time to reach the festival days
    • The voting campaign for the contestants begins via SMS and ends during the last day of the festival, which is held in their presence in Malmö, Sweden. the contestant.
    • It holds meetings with the finalists, records their speeches and introduces them.
    • The finalists arrive two days before the start of the festival.

    For more information about the festival, its events and results, see the page: About the festival